Meet the 2019 Board of Directors

-R 1st Row -Priti Prabhu, (Mobility and More Incorporated), Robin Henoch, (Always Best Care), Christina Green,(Olney Assisted Living - Memory Care), Noah Dubin, (District Mobile Dental), Peter Francis, (RenewMe Fitness)    L-R 2nd Row - Helen Abrams, (Eden Homes), Tanie Guirand, (The Angels Garden), Emily GlazerMary Sweeney, (The Charles E. Smith Life Communities), Desmond Brown, (Mobile Medical Imaging), Susan Blum, (Debra Levy Eldercare Associates), Ross Fierman, (SYNERGY Homecare), Doug Hallock, (The Beacon Newspaper)

2019 Executive Committee

L-R - Priti Prabhu, (Mobility and More Incorporated) Secretary, Christina Green, (Olney Assisted Living -  Memory Care) President, Robin Henoch, (Always Best Care) Treasurer, Noah Dubin, (District Mobile Dental) Incoming President

Upcoming events

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